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Egg Yolk Lotus Pastry is the most famous signature dessert of Lunar New Year in Hong Kong. Now, we can enjoy this lovely sweet treat which is produced in Canada!

We use the premium salted egg yolk and the top grade white lotus paste for producing this traditional Hong Kong dessert by hand in piece by piece. 

Each box has four pieces of cakes which meaning 「四福臨門」in Chinese.


Egg Yolk Lotus Pastry

  • Ingredients~

    flour, salt, sugar, pork lard, custard powder, salted egg yolk

    Due to we putting oxygen-absorber packets (preserve freshness and extend the shelf life of packaged foods) into the bag of each boxset, cakes are last for one month which are stored in refrigerator.

    Cakes are last for 3 days which are stored in refrigerator if the bag is opened.

    Having the best tasting experience, reheat in the microwave for 5-11 seconds is advised.

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